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Political satire is growing online – And for that I’m grateful!

…Our prime minister has to call an election 21 days before November 13th. Then it’ll be 4 years since the last election – the longest period of time the law accepts between elections. But the law should also state something about not discussing possible election dates until 22 days prior to the event….

The pundits have talked about the forthcoming election for a year now, and all we’ve gotten so far are more pundits talking. As a consequence the not-forthcomming-election has become a joke online.

This blog post is about saying THANK YOU to the great people who came up with the ideas and executed them, when we were all dying for something to happen. Continue Reading…

Reminiscing: the horror and joy of cassette tapes

Ever thought of all the things you no longer do? Updating my playlists made me think of how I used to go about the same task – organizing my favourite music – when I was a kid. It was much more tactile and difficult back then, because it was done via a taperecorder, cassette tapes and the songs played on the radio. I had to capture and organize dem manually via “Rec”+”Play”. No iTunes, no Mp3s or everything the internet has to offer.

I had to be there at the right time, at the right place, with the right tape and record my replica of the song, thereby creating a mix tape of my favorite music for my own pleasure. Otherwise I’d just have to wait until they played it again on the radio. (Can you imagine that, waiting for someone else to serve you “your” music?) Thinking back, Compact Cassette tapes was the driving force behind a lot of scenarios, emotions and actions that technology have made redundant now. I no longer experience…

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Webinar: Keeping social media social

Today I gave my first webinar entitled “How to make social media social?” I chose to focus on the two main questions raised in the invitation outlining my talk:

  • How can we invite, engage and involve?
  • How can we keep the initiative alive and avoid social death?

There are lots of ways in which you can approach the question on keeping social media social. For me, the key is an understanding of social media as consisting of people and as tools to reach them. If you chase logos and just want to be on Facebook, you’ll find it hard to create an engagement with your users, because your objective from the get go was about you; not them. You have to want them in order to succeed.

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Webinar: tips and tricks?

Marcia Connor on "social learning"

Marcia Connor on "social learning"

I’m presenting at my first webinar this Wednesday. It’s on at 13:00, and I’m quite excited about trying out the format. Continue Reading…

Chinese journalists use social media for “unfit” stories

Recently I was invited to China and Hong Kong by International Media Support (IMS) to talk to students and investigative journalists about the use of social media in journalism and in the West. Here’s the article I wrote for i-m-s.dk:

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Twitter highlights from Community Conference

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A quick guide to better online debates

Anyone who’s hosted or participated in an online debate know that it’s delicate thing to keep alive, to the point and rewarding for all. Online debates are fragile and can easily be disrupted by a new user venting frustration, ranting without relevance or by the old guard, repeating themselves over and over again trying to hold on to the position in the network/forum/blog that they’ve come to acquire.

There are big money at stake if you can design a system or a way of handling comments, that will get you the first 50% of the way. In the light of the newly revised Facebook Comments plugin (which seems to solve some of the problems), here are a few tricks to keep you going. Because unfortunately it can’t all be solved with a plugin.

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