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Blogging enters the classroom

Can a blog post replace an exam paper? Well, it’s worth trying.

Since 2010 Anna Ebbesen and I have taught a class at a Master at Roskilde University. The topic is strategically communication and social media, so we wanted to test the student and the teaching format by making the examination form more digital and closer to a real job situation than an academic paper. The students have to write and post a blog post and a Facebook update as part of the exam. In addition they have to write a short academic paper, to make sure the exam form meets the academic standards.

It’s time to shake up the traditional learning methods and bring them up to speed with the communication methods and technologies that most of us use on a daily basis. Why not let them into the classroom too?

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Digital communication wants a larger piece of the pie

What will the future of the communication discipline be? A report from the European Communication Monitor 2011 gives a qualified answer, based on answers from over 2,000 communication professionals. The conclusion is though that their skills don’t match their great expectations to digital communication.

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New ministers confirms title via social media

When rumors spread about who’ll become the new ministers of the new government, some politicians chose to confirm their new titles via social media.

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Want to know the state of the blogosphere 2011?

"State of the Blogosphere 2011" is on it's way

If you’d like to know and you are a blogger yourself: take the survey!

Technorati is asking all bloggers to complete their survey found here: http://www.psasurveys.com/detect.aspx?I.Project=a18214

It is slightly long and with some bugs in it, but for the sake of higher knowledge on the worlds blogosphere it’s 15 minutes well spend. Continue Reading…

Modebloggere ind i valgkampen: husk at stemme!

500.000 stemte ikke ved sidste valg. Det vil Bloggers Delight gerne ændre på. Særligt mange unge får ikke stemt, og her tænker blogger-fællesskabet, at de kan gøre en forskel.

Med en stilistisk video får de fremvist blogfællesskabets mangfoldighed og bragt tanker om mode sammen med politiske temaer som “vækst”, “efterløn” og “velfærd”. Pop møder politik, og søde stemmer opstår. Continue Reading…

The Danish Facebook Election

The Danish election in 2011 sets itself apart from the previous elections as being the first election in the age of Social Media. Back in 2007 Facebook was still in its infancy in Denmark – both when it came to amount of users as well as using Facebook as a tool in a political campaign.

Here’s a summary of my presentation at Nordic-Tech-Politics in Oslo 2011.

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Journalism redefined

Here’s the main points from my presentation at Nordic Tech Politics in Oslo, Sep 2nd 2011.

Everybody in online journalism knows things have to change. We’re stuck in print reality, where journalism equals the written word. Where print still has higher status than online content.

Fake tweets become breaking news. Articles are being posted that should never have become news. When established media post stories about how the size of your fingers determine the size of your penis, something has gone wrong.

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Viral video #1 hit: Do you speak Danglish?

Videos of politicians have become viral hits on the social networks in Denmark. Some are the carefully drafted election videos, designed to make you vote for people, but most are made by the people and for the people.

Here, a subgenre has emerged: politicians speaking English. We Danes tend to think we’re good at English, so we’d like our politicians to reflect that image. But English is hard. And although this might sound trivial, it’s incredibly funny to listen to our politicians stumble their way through this foreign language. Continue Reading…

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