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Anna Ebbesen, born 1980, strategic adviser at Advice Digital. She spent 5 years at parliament with different titles ending up as Head of press for the Social Liberal Party in 2007 together with Anna Rørbæk.

During her time at the Social Liberal Party she founded Radikale.net – the first social network in Denmark created by a political party, named among the Top Ten Who Are Changing The World of Online Politics by Politics Online.com. She reguarly does freelance work and presentations on subjects regarding politics online, and how to get the most out of the digital tools.

Anna has a Master in Media Studies supplemented by a minor in Political Science from Copehagen university. She is associate professor at Roskilde University Center.

Contact: anna.ebbesen ad gmail.com

Astrid Haug, born 1978, self-employed consultant within political and digital communication. Author of two books about social media – the first in 2009 with Anna Ebbesen, “Lyt til elefanterne”, , and the second “Sig du kan li’ mig” 2014. Read more about the book at astridhaug.dk

Former special adviser to the government, at the Minisrty of Culture, and former chief press officer at the Technical and Environmental Administration at Copenhagen City Hall. Her first political job was as fulltime volunteer for the Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004, doing fundraising in New York.

Since then she worked at the Danish Parliament for the Social-Liberal Party. She has worked as freelance journalist within the field of politicial and digital communication, and about Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.
Astrid has a Master in Media Studies from Aarhus University, supplemented by Political Science at the University of Maastricht, The Netherlands, and University of Sussex, England. She has been associate professor at Roskilde University Center. She is board member at The Danish Communication Association and member of the advisory board for Social Media Week Copenhagen. Astrid lives in Copenhagen with her husband and three children.

Contact: astridhaug ad gmail.com

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