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Tumblr raises awareness by censoring dashboard

My posts had been censored

I got quite a chock when I logged on to Tumblr at 9:40 pm. All my posts, as well as the posts from the blogs I subscribe to, had been censored. Images and words were blocked out.

After having scrolled up and down to assure my self that it wasn’t just one image but all; no one post, but all posts, I saw the link at the top of the page:

Stop The Law That Will Censor The Internet!

The link takes you to an advocacy site, where Tumblr asks you to say no, to the two bills congress is currently considering: PROTECT-IP and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

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Mig og Facebook

Da Facebook rullede de seneste ændringer ud, forsøgte jeg at undgå at tage stilling, læse med og forstå. Jeg havde gang i alt for meget andet, til også at kunne følge med. Det virkede ærlig talt for overrumplende for mig. Men denne lørdag har der været tid til lidt eftertanke.

Suggestions for an even better conference experience

I miss Reboot - they always have: internet, access to power plugs and coffee

Note from a conference: "I miss Reboot - they always have: internet, access to power plugs and coffee"

Every time I’m at a conference, I wonder why such and such isn’t done. In my mind, I patch up the best of the different conferences I’ve been to, and start longing after stable internet when it fails and easy-to-plan schedules, when I’m constantly flipping back and forth to determine where I’m going for what session. The DC Week conference currently rolling in DC was no exception, even though the core conference went smoothly, the Keynotes moved me and the speakers gave me something to think about.

On the top of my mind, some suggestions that would make it easier to be a participating attendee:

Wired: the new photo agency for bloggers?

Kids Work on the LegoJeep at Maker Faire 2010 // Photo: Jim Merithew/

Kids Work on the LegoJeep at Maker Faire 2010 // Photo: Jim Merithew/ gave bloggers and amateur publishers a gift today. Thet are now making all of the photographs taken by their inhouse staff available through a new Flickr stream and giving you permission to use them under Creative Commons. All you need to do is credit Wired, the photographer and link back to the original article. You’re allowed to mix and match the photos and repost, as long as you still give proper accreditation. Only no-go, is if you want to use the photos for commercial purposes. Then, you have to pay.

Great community stunt

They’ll keep updating their Flickr stream with new editorial pictures, which basically means that they can become the photo agency for bloggers, writing about the same subjects as them. Last I checked that community is huge.

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Ugens stemme på

I denne uge har jeg æren af at være “Ugens Stemme” på, som er statens forsøg på at samle viden og debat om digitalisering i Danmark et sted.

Mit emne? Omprioritering af det offentliges midler til kommunikation og digitale tiltag. Groft skitseret kommer jeg omkring følgende emner:

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New ministers confirms title via social media

When rumors spread about who’ll become the new ministers of the new government, some politicians chose to confirm their new titles via social media.

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Want to know the state of the blogosphere 2011?

"State of the Blogosphere 2011" is on it's way

If you’d like to know and you are a blogger yourself: take the survey!

Technorati is asking all bloggers to complete their survey found here:

It is slightly long and with some bugs in it, but for the sake of higher knowledge on the worlds blogosphere it’s 15 minutes well spend. Continue Reading…

Ny app fra sosserne skal sætte fut i fodsoldaterne

Socialdemokraterne har netop lanceret en app til iPhone, som skal booste deres tilhængere i valgkampen. Michael Lemberg, Facebook-analytiker i Komfo og hyret af Socialdemokraterne under valget, står bag app’en. Han forklarer formålet med app’en i en mail:

”Vi har over 50.000 medlemmer af partiet, men typisk under 5.000 aktive i løbet af en valgkamp. De fleste blot fordi ingen har spurgt om de ville hjælpe. Så det gør vi nu – både på Facebook og mobilen.”

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