Viral for better or for worse

March 7th was all about Kony2012 – A video the American organization, Invisible Children, launched to raise awareness about the cruelty of warlord Joseph Kony. March 8th was about the afterthought. Did we just get swept away?

In the days after I did the Storify, more great articles emerged that adds nuances to the debate:

an excellent video response to Kony2012 from Ugandan blogger and journalist Rosebell Kagumire.” Posted by SheJustNailedIt on Tumblr.

BoingBoing reports how a Kony 2012 screening in Uganda “results in anger, rocks thrown at screen”. “One woman I spoke to made the comparison of selling Osama Bin Laden paraphernalia post 9/11 – likely to be highly offensive to many Americans, however well intentioned the campaign behind it.” Powerful quote.

Charlie Beckett at the London School of Economics explains in this brilliant blogpost why he thinks the campaign is wrong: “What intrigues me is how very intelligent, compassionate people respond to these criticisms by defending the campaign, despite its faults. Yes, they say, it does misrepresent and it probably is wrong-headed, but wow! Look at all that awareness being raised! Even my five year old daughter knows about Kony now! (…)This is bizarre. The means do not justify the ends. Bad means can actually make things worse.” In his post he links to other great articles worth while reading.

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