Webinar: Keeping social media social

Today I gave my first webinar entitled “How to make social media social?” I chose to focus on the two main questions raised in the invitation outlining my talk:

  • How can we invite, engage and involve?
  • How can we keep the initiative alive and avoid social death?

There are lots of ways in which you can approach the question on keeping social media social. For me, the key is an understanding of social media as consisting of people and as tools to reach them. If you chase logos and just want to be on Facebook, you’ll find it hard to create an engagement with your users, because your objective from the get go was about you; not them. You have to want them in order to succeed.

Then, you need to figure out, what your social media effort should look like (in your ambition to reach and connect with people).

Agenda for the webinar june8 - Who to keep social media social and alive

In the presentation I highlight three ways of doing that – there are more, but here’s three to get you started: look at your product, look at your members/customers or look at your organization. And take it from there.

But how do you know, if you’ve found “the best” effort? You need to figure out, what “the best” would be. And that’s up to you. What are your goals, your notion of success? And how will you find out, when it’s become a success?
You’ve now figured out your focal point and your success, now you need to focus on giving it life.

3 do’s
– Create snacks. Easy tasks to do, like the like-button, so you’ll get more people to interact and go from being a viewer to an engaged participant.
– Nurture. Give them something to do, to grow on. Get trusted people to start commenting for instance, thereby opening the discussion.
– Set boundaries. You need rules to moderate via, and your users need to know what you’re expecting of them.

= It’s like throwing a cocktail party. Be the perfect hosts, that will make sure the dance floor is packed, the music is right, that there’s enough drinks and so on. The perfect host will also be active in nurturing relationships within the group, making introductions for instance.

3 don’t’s
– Be a control freak. You need to let go, and make space for people to feel at ease and comfortable enough that they’ll give you some of their time/dreams/etc.
– Loose sight of your goals. Or you’ll never dance the snoopy happy dance. Reaching your goals requires work.
– Stop. No one expects a relationship to end. It’ll piss people off, if they’ve invested their time in your social media platform, and then you close it down.

– Are you going in the right direction? If not, should you then change your goals or your methods? What you’re doing may not have turned out the way you planned, but that spin off effect – the way people are actually interacting – that might be the where you need to focus your attention as well. This might involve killing your darlings. Just saying.
All of the above need to flow in a forward moving circular motion, where you’ll listen to your users, adjust your strategy = create the optimal development, and thereby moving forward together with your users toward the success of all.

Re-cap of the key points – It’s all about people

I’ll update with a link to a recording of the webinar when it’s online. The webinar’s now online, and can be viewed here.
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