Stats on social media world wide

The march trendbriefing from Trendwatch held some interesting numbers about social media world wide:

  • Japan and Germany were the only countries out of 22 surveyed where a majority of online users did not use social networking. (Source: Pew, December 2010.)
  • Twitter boasts 200 million accounts, and 95 million daily tweets. (Source:, February 2011.)
  • The Netherlands is the country with the deepest Twitter reach, with 22.3% of online adults using the service. Next up were Brazil (21.8%) Venezuela (21.1%) and Japan (20%). (Source: Comscore; December 2010.)
  • The popular Chinese instant messaging platform QQ has over 600 million active users.(Source: QQ, March 2011.)
  • Foursquare saw 380 million check-ins in 2010, up 3,400% on 2009 (Source:, January 2011.)
  • Just 33% of internet users say they worry about how much information is available about them online, down from 40% in December 2006. (Source: Pew, May 2010.)
  • The 500 million active Facebook users share over 30 billion pieces of content per month. The average user has 130 friends. (Source: Facebook, February 2011.)
Source: One of the world’s leading trend firms, sends out its free, monthly Trend Briefings to more than 160,000 subscribers worldwide.

I was impressed by the numbers, but the one about Germany struck me as odd, and not entirely consistent with other sources (but then again, numbers never are in this area :-) More a hint than a solid truth). Plus the web – and especially the social web – is ever changing.

A McCann study from 2009 stated that 57% of the active Internet users in Germany regularly read blogs, 50% manage a profile on a social network and 53% visit friends profiles. Germany have been slower than most European countries to take on social media, and have been more keen on using German social networks than global American networks. But I would say that if 53% visit friends profiles and 50% have a profile, that makes them a social network user, no? And have they really decreased their usage of social networks since then?

Stats from last year show that the local social networks are losing members to Facebook, and that Facebook now has overtaken as the no. one social network in Germany. German social media agency, Compass Heading, stated that Facebook got 23 million unique visitors from Germany in December 2010 – up from 13 million in January. And now reveal that  Facebook gained 1 million new profiles in February alone, leaving the number of profiles to 16 million Germans.

If PEW is right, then they probably won’t be for long. Again: things change quite rapidly when it comes to social media.

It’ll be interesting to see, if Facebook can overcome the German’s reservations regarding the company’s privacy issues, and actually get more Germans to open a profile and not just be active.

I use Delicious to store statistics when I come across them, so feel free to tweet me if you see some good ones.

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