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What a hectic week! The flight to Barcelona was a welcomed break from the to-do’s and humongous pile of unread emails.

Wednesday evening came and went as I re-did my presentation for Fridays panel over and over. 8 minutes is not a lot of time. Especially when you spend a quarter of that trying to find the English word for the articulated Danish sentence you were thinking of….

Sitting in the plane to Barcelona, we realized that none of us had brought a map, or thought at all about practicalities: how do you say “hi” in Spanish? Where are we actually staying? Did you get any Euros with you?

It’s been such a hectic year for us, that this break is truly welcomed. Plus, this will be our celebration of having published our book. Even though it came out early October, we just haven’t found the time to celebrate.

Cocktails and chatter
Thursday evening we joined the rest of the speakers for a pre-conference speakers cocktail party at our hotel. Great fun to meet people from all over Europe and the states, who has risen the bar when it comes to using the digital tools to promote a cause, reconnect with the public or just securing everyone a place to leak information, politicians are trying to stop.

At the general introduction, Micah Sifry and Andrew Rasiej had everyone saying name, occupation, country and 3 words that describe them. Quite a good icebreaker and interesting to listen to.

Looking forward to some good conversations over the next two days. Almost sad that we re leaving on Saturday already!

We’ll try to blog and tweet as we go, but you can tune in online for the real thing via http://civicolive.com/pdfeu/ where everything is livestreamed.

For the program go to the Pdf website.

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